Original Hand Embellished Limited Edition on canvas. Hand varnished, signed and numbered.

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Some folks have said these images are based on what is happening in the States with Donald Trump and the elections. I can assure you that I am only creating images of the American flag and the wonderful animals that America has. I have very dear friends that are Republican as well as Democrats in the U.S. I love them all equally. I have never seen a country so divided in a democratic society. I think in the end we are in deep trouble in regards to our economics and environment. We seem to think as a species we live outside the bounds of Nature and Natural history. The world has finite resources and no country is a Planet on their own. We, whether we like it or not all live on the same Planet. No God or ancient deity is coming back to save us. The Planet, in the end, will not care what we do to it. It has already been through 5 extinctions, we will just be the next one. If we could put our traditions and mythological belief systems aside and understand that unless we work together on all aspects of the Planet and the well being of all of the creatures on the Planet, our chances of survival will be very small. The old saying about the straw that broke the camels back gets closer and closer every year. I have personally seen in my travels across the world major environmental damage. I have dived on many reef systems in the Pacific and seen the devastation of what we do and also what climate change has begun to do. I have seen literally deserts of coral. It’s easy when you sit on your lounge and listen to the spurious blatherings of politicians that have no clue about the reality of what goes on around the world. A time will come when we as a species will suddenly realise that we have left our run too late. Graeme Stevenson

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