Original oil on canvas.


For thousands of years, mankind has been killing each other over who’s invisible sky master was the right one. Always invoking their particular God before going to war. The human mind is so trapped in these belief systems that it simply can’t fathom the true nature of what is around them and the reality of the universe we live.

I think the three major monotheistic beliefs have probably been the most destructive to the cause of the human species and the animals and planet since the dawn of conscious time.

This picture I think is self-explanatory as is the title. Religion has been responsible for the deaths of billions, not millions of people through our time. Don’t even worry about Stalin, Hitler, Mao or Polpot, they were beginners when it came to genocide. The Catholic church has had mastery of murder and brutality for 1,700 hundred years and then Islam comes along and really gets it right

Unfortunately, there will be an apocalypse in the near future, we simply can’t avoid it, and these belief systems will be the cause of possibly the end of the human species as we know it.

In a million years new species will arise and I don’t think that the human race will be apart of that, we will just have been the ones responsible for the sixth major extinction. No wonder Aliens don’t make contact with us, Imagine what we would do to them, you just have to look at what we have done to the planet thus far.

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 1370 × 5 × 1803 mm


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