Colour In Your Life to the moon with SpaceX, Lunar Codex and NASA!

Art TV show, Put Some Colour in Your Life, received the exciting news that all 22 seasons of their art documentaries will be included in the Lunar Codex or “the Museum on the Moon”, rocketed via the Astrobotic Griffin / NASA VIPER / SpaceX mission headed to the Lunar South Pole due to land in 2023.

Graeme Stevenson OAM, CEO and founder of Colour in Your Life was over the moon when Lunar Codex payload coordinator and curator Dr. Samuel Peralta confirmed that all of the nearly 300 artists who have been filmed over the past 12 years in seven countries will be represented.

The Put Some Colour in Your Life TV show based in Murwillumbah, Australia, films 24 minute art documentaries about artists in their studios and then distributes the show to TV networks in over fifty counties, to many online streaming services and Smart TV apps.

“When I began this business back in 2009, my vision was to build a library of the minds of artists, preserving a digital record of creative spirit, culture, and techniques for future generations”, Graeme explained happily,” I had no idea that the library would be kept on the Moon. It is just mind blowing!“

“The Lunar Codex — is a project to preserve contemporary creative arts for future generations, a message-in-a-bottle to the future,” explained Dr. Samuel Peralta, creator of the enterprise. “It is sending the work of 5000+ creative artists to the Moon in three lunar exhibits / time capsules to be launched via three separate missions to the Moon over 2022-2023.”

Colour in Your Life will be joining the Polaris Collection time capsule, on the third mission and is mentioned in the Peregrine Collection in the first mission in 2022. Polaris data will be on nickel-shielded memory cards. The Colour in Your Life archive will join other short and full-length films already included in the time capsule, including several feature films and short films, documentaries, and an Emmy Award winning film. Colour in Your Life is expected to be the first TV series to be archived on the Moon. Some of the Colour in Your Life artists included in this collection are Ken Done, Joseph Zbukvic, De Gillett and Meredith Woollnough. You can see the full list here:…

“Our hope is that future travellers who find these time capsules will discover some of the richness of our world today,” Dr. Peralta said. “The Lunar Codex speaks to the idea that, despite wars and pandemics and climate upheaval, humankind found time to dream, time to create art.”