GRAEME STEVENSON OAM – 29/6/1958 – 5/6/2022

Graeme Stevenson



Art Marketer

Public Speaker and Business Coach

TV Host and personality

CEO and Founder of Put Some Colour In Your life TV show

World Traveller


Graeme Stevenson was an indomitable personality, born with a passion and devotion to the arts that was unparalleled.

Graeme’s thirst for knowledge and adventure drove his many and varied interests all his life, all of which stemmed from an innate curiosity about the world. He held a firm belief that “art is supposed to be the greatest social commentary in the world – it’s a confrontation – it’s about saying who we are, when we are, and why we are”.

Graeme battled a debilitating nerve condition for years before succumbing to it, surrounded by his loved ones on Sunday 5th June, 2022.

Born in New South Wales, Australia, Graeme Stevenson’s passion for art began at age 5, knowing even then that he wished to become an artist. He took his first art lessons at age 11. In spite of always getting into trouble in school for drawing instead of writing, he reached the hall of fame in both schools he attended.

“Somehow drawing just seemed more natural to me, though it exasperated some of my teachers.”

Alongside art, Graeme studied martial arts and bred Australian parrots, learning falconry and studying taxidermy in his teenage years. Through these hobbies, Graeme gained a better understanding of avian anatomy. This would prove invaluable as he combined it with his passion for art, using his pet birds as subjects and starting his journey as a wildlife artist.

After leaving school, he took up carpentry and became a paramedic while attending the Sydney Art College for five years, but left his career as a paramedic in his early 20s to travel the globe. He obtained a pilot license at 21 and has since traveled around the world at least 20 times, living in five countries, in search of subjects to paint. Graeme became a wildlife artist, photographer, explorer, and naturalist.

He was commissioned in 1988, at the age of thirty, to provide every image for “The Atlas of Parrots,” which is one of the largest editions in the world regarding parrots. Published in 1991, the book remains one of the greatest reference books on the subject and can be found in natural history museums around the world, including New York, London, and Paris.

His works have been featured prominently in U.S. Art Magazines and International Artist Magazine, which referred to Graeme as a ‘master artist’. Graeme is also a dynamic public speaker who lectures on topics such as wildlife, painting, science, philosophy and building an art career.

Graeme is perhaps best known for creating the award-winning TV show, ‘Colour In Your Life’, which chronicles the techniques and personalities of artists from around the globe to promote creativity and a love of art. The show premiered in 2010, and as of 2021, is in its 22nd season.

Graeme Stevenson OAM

On Australia Day, Jan 26th, 2017, Graeme received the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) ‘for service to the visual arts’. The award is one of the highest honours an Australian citizen can receive.

Graeme donates his time and talents. In 2003, he raised funds for AIDs, multiple sclerosis research, and children’s cancer research in the U.S. for the Ripple Effect Project. Three of the works were collected by former President Bill Clinton. He also established a charitable foundation, ‘Paint Your Life’, in 2013, which uses art to brighten the lives of the disadvantaged or physically impaired.

As of 2021, Colour In Your Life is digitally online anywhere in the world, with film crews in Australia, America, and England. Over 250 episodes have been recorded; featured artists are enjoying great reviews and progressing their careers, and over 100,000 subscribers can view any episode totally free of charge.



2019 Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong
2017 Redhill Gallery Brisbane
2015 Escape Gallery Australia
2013 Sydney Art Expo
2013 Graydon Gallery Brisbane
2011 Melbourne Trade Show
2010 Perculator Gallery Brisbane
2008 Fine Art Showcase Los Angeles
2004 Escape Gallery Australia
2002 Gelabert Gallery New York
2001 Galloway Gallery Brisbane
1997 Munich Trade Show
1996 Lasson Galleries Las Vegas
1994 Visions Gallery Santa Rosa USA
1992 Visions Gallery Santa Rosa USA
1990 Galloway Gallery Brisbane
1989 Nino Tucci Gallery Gold Coast
1988 Galloway Gallery Brisbane
1987 Visions Gallery Gold coast
1986 Gold Coast Art gallery
1985 Proud’s Gallery Sydney
1985 Blue Whale Convention Centre Los Angeles
1984 Elizabeth House Gallery Sydney


1990    The Atlas of Parrots
2009    The Journey


  • International Artist
  • Australian Artist
  • New Zealand Artist Magazine
  • Wildlife Artist magazine
  • US ART
  • South West Art
  • West Coast Pastel Society
  • Artists Palette magazine
  • New Zealand Artist
  • American Artist Magazine
  • Home and garden magazine
  • Bird keepers magazine

Amongst many other magazines and publications.


Fine art


Business management

Multimedia and film making

Online marketing






Martial Arts

Dive Master


Boating and fishing

Pilots license

Paramedic / Ambulance







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